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Pudgy Penguins Launch Limited-Edition Walmart ‘Influencer Box’ for Cyber Monday

by Joseph Mack

**Pudgy Penguins Exclusive Cyber Monday “Influencer Box” Hits Walmart.com**

**Pudgy Penguins Unveils Exclusive “Influencer Box”**

The Pudgy Penguins brand, known for its rare NFT collections, has announced the release of an exclusive “influencer box” of toys and collectibles available only via Walmart.com for Cyber Monday. This new offering is part of the brand’s efforts to expand its reach beyond the NFT market and target mainstream audiences.

The Pudgy Penguins White Celebrity Box, available exclusively on Walmart.com, includes a 12-inch plush toy, an action figure, a smaller clip-on plush, an igloo toy, and a certificate that allows buyers to claim a free NFT minted on zkSync Era for the Pudgy World gaming platform.

**Cyber Monday Exclusive Deal on Walmart.com**

Walmart will be selling the “influencer box bundle” for Cyber Monday only, priced at $25, which is listed as half off the original price. The bundle includes a range of items that, if purchased separately, would cost significantly more. For example, the 12-inch plush toys typically sell for $20 to $25 each.

This release comes after Pudgy Penguins partnered with Walmart in September to launch a plush toy line, which was stocked in more than 2,000 stores across the United States. The project aims to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds of play for kids, as highlighted by Walmart U.S. VP Brittany Smith in a press release.

**Success and Growth of Pudgy Penguins**

The original Ethereum PFP project, launched in 2021, gained attention during the NFT craze and was later acquired by serial entrepreneur Luca Netz for $2.5 million. Since then, the project has grown substantially, amassing a following of over a million Instagram followers and securing $9 million in funding for expansion plans.

Pudgy Penguins has also demonstrated remarkable performance in the NFT market, with an all-time high starting price of over $13,000 worth of ETH. This success is noteworthy, given the significant downturn that the NFT market experienced in 2022, making Pudgy Penguins one of the few projects to achieve substantial growth in USD value during this period.

As Pudgy Penguins continues to expand its reach and release exclusive offerings like the influencer box, the brand is solidifying its position as a unique player in the NFT and collectibles market. With the Cyber Monday release, Pudgy Penguins aims to capture the attention of mainstream audiences and cement its status as a notable and influential brand in the industry.

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