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Coffee Enthusiasts, It’s Time to Ditch K-Cups

by Joseph Mack

**French Press vs AeroPress: The Battle of Brewing Methods**

*French Press Dilemma*

In a recent discussion, Michael Calore presented his thoughts on the French press method of brewing coffee, which sparked a debate between him and Joe Ray. According to Calore, the French press introduces a significant amount of solids into the coffee, resulting in a gritty texture and over-extraction. He also argued that dark roast beans are not suitable for French press brewing, advocating for medium or light roast beans instead.

**The Debate Unfolds**

As the discussion continued, Lauren Goode brought up Joe Ray’s preference for the texture of the coffee, prompting Calore to dismiss it as excessive fines and over-extraction. On the other hand, Ray defended his position, emphasizing that the key to avoiding over-extraction in French press brewing lies in proper technique, including controlling the brew time and using the right grind size and temperature.

**Enter AeroPress**

Lauren Goode then raised the question of how an AeroPress differs from a French press, prompting Joe Ray to provide an insightful comparison. He explained that the AeroPress involves pressure and uses a paper filter to produce a cleaner, sediment-free cup of coffee. Ray highlighted the smaller size of the AeroPress, making it ideal for single servings and appealing to those who prefer a finer, sediment-free brew.

**The Verdict**

In the end, the debate shed light on the nuances of French press and AeroPress brewing methods. While Calore expressed his reservations about the French press due to its potential for over-extraction and sediment, Ray emphasized the significance of proper technique to achieve a balanced and flavorful cup of coffee. The comparison with the AeroPress also highlighted the differences in brewing styles and preferences, providing coffee enthusiasts with valuable insights into the world of manual brewing methods.

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