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America’s Dogs in a Race to Find the Source of Their Illness

by Joseph Mack

Mystery Illness Affecting Dogs Across the US: What You Need to Know

As reports of a mysterious illness affecting dogs continue to surface, dog owners are banding together to exchange information and advice about the best disinfection products for facilities and what it’s like caring for sick dogs. The informal citizen reporting shows possible cases in 21 states, although these diagnoses have not been verified by researchers.

Informal Citizen Reporting

Dog owners are exchanging advice on the best disinfection products for facilities and sharing what it’s like caring for dogs sick with this suspected syndrome, as well as first-hand accounts of what treatments have and haven’t worked. The idea is that owners of newly infected dogs can pass this information along to their veterinary treatment teams.

Progress in Research

Dr. Edward “Ned” Needle urges dog owners to be patient as research continues to find the cause of this illness. He hopes that this research will help veterinarians better understand how to treat sick dogs and even change their treatment approaches. They are seeking to understand the cause of the illness and potentially identify which medications will be most effective.

Slow Progress

Progress is likely to be slow, especially due to minimal funding for veterinary research. Compared to funding for high-priority human respiratory diseases, funding for veterinary research is minimal. This outbreak also highlights the importance of funding state veterinarian offices and diagnostic labs, as nearly two-thirds of new or emerging human diseases originate from animals.

Stay Informed and Cautious

Dog owners are advised to monitor their dogs for signs of infection, including nasal and/or eye discharge, coughing, and sneezing. In addition to watching for signs of infection, dog owners should ensure their dogs are up to date on all recommended vaccines, which include vaccines for bordetella, canine influenza, and parainfluenza.

Veterinary Assistance

If your veterinarian is seeing an uptick in unidentified respiratory disease, you can contact the New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. The lab is still in the early stages of researching this condition and seeks more samples from impacted dogs.

Caution Over Fear

Dr. Edward “Ned” Needle advises dog owners to exercise caution, not fear, and to use basic public health practices with their dogs. He encourages dog owners to keep an eye on veterinary news for updates, as they are a month away from knowing more about the illness.

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