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Projected Timeline for Shiba Inu (SHIB) to Experience a 12,000% Surge to Reach 1 Cent

by Joseph Mack

Shiba Inu Price Prediction: Can SHIB Reach $0.01?

The dream for Shiba Inu (SHIB) to soar from its current price level to $0.01 is a continual ambition. The sensational growth of Shiba Inu from the time it made its debut spells one good omen about its potential: it can surpass expectations. As a result, some investors envisage its potential to erase four zeroes from its price to hit the $0.01 price mark.

Unrealistic Target or Achievable Milestone?

While nothing is impossible in the crypto scene, this target seems highly improbable. However, should it eventually occur, the potential timeline remains a subject that has generated different predictions from various authorities in the industry.

When Will SHIB Hit $0.01?

It is worth noting that the true lofty ambitions of Shiba Inu remain the plan to touch $1 in the long term. However, to achieve this massive milestone, the token must surpass several smaller ones along the way. The push to hit $0.01 is already a huge task that Telegaon, a crypto analytics platform, believes will not come unless investors can hold their assets until 2030 to 2040. Shiba Inu is currently worth $0.000008369 after printing 1.27% overnight. For SHIB to hit $0.01 it will have to soar as high as 119,517%. Per the Telegaon data, SHIB will touch a maximum price of $0.000712 by 2030 while the lowest price projected for the token in 2040 is $0.054. In between these years, the token will certainly breach the 1 cent level.

Factors That Must Align

With the current Shiba Inu supply, the chances of hitting the projected timeline are slim. Riding on this factor, SHIB needs a defined plan to shrink this supply. Fortunately, the Shiba Inu protocol undergoes periodic burning with millions of SHIB sent to the dead wallet on a weekly basis. In all, it needs more intensity to ultimately catalyze the growth projection in the long term. The issue of competition also has to be overcome. A number of new memecoins that can give massive returns come alive daily and users might choose not to tie up their capital for as long as SHIB hits the 1 cent mark. To overcome this, Shibarium, its smart contract protocol, must step up and launch applications that can continually attract users to the project.

Shiba Inu Price Prediction

It is worth pointing out that Telegaon remains one of the most SHIB-bullish platforms on record today. Others believe SHIB might continue on its growth trajectory, but without expectation of the 1 cent milestone anytime soon. The future remains uncertain, but SHIB enthusiasts remain hopeful for an exciting journey ahead.

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