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Unlikely to Change War, Ukraine’s Bold Advancement into Russian-Occupied Territory

by Joseph Mack

**Ukrainian Forces Cross Dnieper River into Russian-Occupied Territory**

*Hopes Rise for Breakthrough in Counteroffensive*

In a dramatic turn of events, Ukrainian military forces recently accomplished a significant breakthrough in their six-month counteroffensive against Russia. Their success lies in the crossing of the Dnieper River into Russian-occupied territory.

**A Critical Move**

The Dnieper River has characterized the front line in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson, serving as a barrier between Ukrainian and Russian forces. However, Ukrainian forces were able to successfully cross the river and establish several footholds on the east bank. Military analysts hailed this development as a small yet significant breakthrough.

**Implications of the Breakthrough**

Oleksandr Musiyenko, a Ukrainian military expert, emphasized the strategic importance of this move. He pointed out that the proximity of the left bank to occupied Crimea, just 70 kilometers away, presents a significant opportunity to disrupt Russian logistics and move forward to the west and south of Crimea. This could create substantial problems for Russian forces.

**Russian Reaction and Escalation**

This sudden and bold move by Ukrainian forces took Russia somewhat by surprise. The Russian-installed governor of the Kherson region initially expressed surprise at the number of Ukrainian personnel crossing the river. However, he quickly vowed to retaliate with heavy artillery, missiles, and drones against the Ukrainian troops on the east bank.

**Fierce Fighting Ensues**

Military updates revealed intense fighting in several villages on the east bank. Reports indicated that Ukrainian forces had managed to push Russian forces back several kilometers, disrupting their ability to attack Ukrainian forces on the west bank. The British Ministry of Defense described the ongoing ground fighting as intense and characterized by artillery exchanges and dismounted infantry combat in wooded terrain.

**Implications and Outcomes**

The success of Ukraine’s offensive operation holds tremendous significance for both sides. While it presents a glimmer of hope for Ukrainian forces, it also poses significant challenges. The potential to threaten the western flank of Russian forces and force them to withdraw their presence in the land bridge back into Crimea is a possibility. However, the onset of winter and the possibility of a re-focus of Russian military efforts could shift the course of the conflict.

**Claims and Counterclaims**

Russia has outwardly downplayed Ukraine’s success, with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claiming that Ukrainian forces were suffering “colossal losses.” However, these claims have not been independently verified.

The situation on the battlefield remains tense and unpredictable as both sides continue to engage in fierce combat. With Ukrainian forces advancing on the east bank of the Dnieper River and Russian forces vowing to push back, the outcome of this critical juncture in the conflict remains uncertain.

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