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Reports of eye and skin injuries cast a shadow over ApeFest.

by Joseph Mack

**Yuga Labs Responds to Reports of Eye and Skin Problems After Hong Kong Event**

Yuga Labs, the creator of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection, has responded to reports of attendees experiencing eye and skin problems after a recent event in Hong Kong.

**Reports of Health Issues Surface**

Last week, attendees of an event hosted by Yuga Labs in Hong Kong began reporting a range of health issues, including eye and skin problems. According to the reports, some attendees experienced irritation and redness in their eyes, as well as rashes and other skin issues.

**Yuga Labs’ Response**

In response to these reports, Yuga Labs has stated that they are in communication with those who have been affected by the health issues. The company has expressed concern for the well-being of the attendees and is actively working to address the situation.

**Investigation and Support**

Yuga Labs has also declared that they are investigating the root cause of the health issues and are committed to providing support to those affected. They have stated that they are taking the matter seriously and are working to ensure the safety and comfort of all event attendees.

**Importance of Attendee Safety**

The incident has sparked discussions about the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of attendees at events, particularly in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As in-person events resume, concerns about health and safety remain at the forefront of organizers’ and attendees’ minds.

**Continued Communication and Updates**

Yuga Labs has promised to continue communicating with those who have been affected and to provide updates as the situation develops. The company has assured the public that they are fully committed to resolving the issue and supporting those who have experienced health problems as a result of the event.


As the story unfolds, Yuga Labs’ response to the reports of eye and skin problems after the Hong Kong event will likely shape the public’s perception of the company and its commitment to attendee safety. With ongoing investigations and efforts to support those affected, the NFT community and event attendees will be eagerly awaiting further updates from Yuga Labs.

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