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Insiders of DYDX are not likely to sell their $490M unlock.

by Joseph Mack

**DYDX Supply to Increase by 80% After Friday Unlock**

Traders and investors are closely watching the market as the supply of DYDX is set to climb by up to 80% after the Friday unlock. However, despite the significant increase in supply, there are a couple of factors that could make a massive sell-off appear unlikely.

**Supply Increase and Market Impact**

The increase in DYDX supply is expected to have an impact on the market, as the additional tokens become available for trading. With the potential for a significant influx of tokens, some traders are cautious about the impact on the price of DYDX.

**Factors to Consider**

While the increase in supply may initially seem concerning, there are a few factors to consider that could mitigate the potential for a massive sell-off. For example, the unlocking of tokens may have already been priced into the market, meaning that traders may have already adjusted their positions in anticipation of the increase in supply.

Additionally, the strong fundamentals of DYDX and the high level of interest from investors may provide support for the price, even in the face of a significant supply increase.

**Market Sentiment and Investor Confidence**

The overall sentiment in the market and investor confidence in DYDX will also play a crucial role in determining the impact of the supply increase. If investors remain optimistic about the future prospects of DYDX, it could help to offset any negative impact from the increase in supply.

**Expert Insights and Analysis**

Experts and analysts have weighed in on the potential impact of the supply increase, with many suggesting that the market may be able to absorb the additional tokens without experiencing a significant sell-off. The strong demand for DYDX, combined with the platform’s impressive growth and development, could help to balance out the increase in supply.


As the market prepares for the increase in DYDX supply after the Friday unlock, traders and investors are carefully monitoring the situation. While there is potential for a significant impact on the market, factors such as market sentiment, investor confidence, and strong fundamentals may all play a role in mitigating the potential for a massive sell-off. It’s clear that the market will closely watch the situation as it unfolds in the coming days.

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