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by Joseph Mack

Title: CryptoSlate Alpha: The Web3 Membership Empowering Users with Cutting-Edge Insights

What is CryptoSlate Alpha?

CryptoSlate Alpha is a web3 membership designed to empower users with cutting-edge insights and knowledge. The membership offers exclusive access to content related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Members can connect via the Access Protocol, a web3 monetization paywall, where they can stake ACS tokens to access paywalled content.

Connected to Alpha

Once logged in, users are connected to CryptoSlate Alpha and can manage their wallet connection to access the exclusive content and insights available to members.

Oops…you must lock a minimum of 20,000 ACS

To gain access to CryptoSlate Alpha, users must lock a minimum of 20,000 ACS tokens. If they don’t have enough tokens, they can purchase ACS on various exchanges to meet the minimum requirement.

Connect via Access Protocol

The Access Protocol allows users to stake ACS tokens to access paywalled content. This provides a unique opportunity for users to engage with exclusive content while also participating in the web3 monetization ecosystem.


It’s important to note that by choosing to lock ACS tokens with CryptoSlate, users accept and recognize that they will be bound by the terms and conditions of their third-party digital wallet provider, as well as any applicable terms and conditions of the Access Foundation. This means that CryptoSlate will not be responsible or liable for the provision, access, use, locking, security, integrity, value, or legal status of ACS tokens or digital wallets.


CryptoSlate Alpha offers users a unique opportunity to access exclusive content and insights related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. By connecting via the Access Protocol and staking ACS tokens, users can gain invaluable knowledge and expertise in the rapidly evolving world of web3 and decentralized finance. It’s important for users to carefully consider the terms and conditions associated with locking ACS tokens and to understand the risks involved before proceeding. For more information, visit the terms page on the CryptoSlate Alpha website.

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