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Q&A with Ethereum’s Justin Drake: Unfazed by Ether’s Average Year in Price

by Joseph Mack

Drake: Ethereum’s post-Merge performance is positive

Ether’s underperformance compared to Bitcoin after the Merge

After months of anticipation, the Merge finally took place on the Ethereum network. However, following the Merge, Ether has underperformed relative to Bitcoin. There has been much speculation as to the reasons behind this underperformance, with some suggesting that it may be due to technical difficulties or the complexity of the transition.

Drake remains optimistic

Despite Ether’s underperformance, rapper Drake remains positive about the present and future indicators for Ethereum. He believes that there are several positive signs that indicate a bright future for the cryptocurrency.

Positive indicators for Ethereum

One of the positive indicators for Ethereum is its continued dominance in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities have made it the go-to platform for DeFi applications, and this trend is expected to continue in the future.

Another positive sign for Ethereum is the growing interest from institutional investors. As the cryptocurrency market becomes more mainstream, institutional investors are starting to take notice of Ethereum’s potential as a long-term investment.

Drake’s positive outlook

Drake’s positive outlook on Ethereum’s future is rooted in the belief that the fundamental strengths of the network will ultimately lead to long-term success. He remains confident in the ability of the Ethereum network to overcome any short-term challenges and continue to grow in the future.


While Ether has underperformed relative to Bitcoin following the Merge, Drake’s optimistic outlook on Ethereum’s future is a refreshing perspective. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, it is important to consider both short-term challenges and long-term potential. With positive indicators such as DeFi dominance and growing institutional interest, Ethereum’s future looks bright despite its current underperformance.

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